My Publications

ANAPT: Additive noise analysis for persistence thresholding

Temporal Network Analysis Using Zigzag Persistence

Topological Signal Processing using the Weighted Ordinal Partition Network

Damping parameter estimation using topological signal processing

Persistent Homology of Coarse Grained State Space Networks

Teaspoon: A comprehensive python package for topological signal processing

Persistent homology of complex networks for dynamic state detection

On the automatic parameter selection for permutation entropy

Low-cost double pendulum for high-quality data collection with open-source video tracking and analysis

Dynamic State Analysis of a Driven Magnetic Pendulum Using Ordinal Partition Networks and Topological Data Analysis

Effects of Correlated Noise on the Performance of Persistence Based Dynamic State Detection Methods

Experimental Investigations Into Broadband Vibration Absorption of Metastructures With Lattice Designs

Delay Parameter Selection in Permutation Entropy Using Topological Data Analysis